How I structure my notes

I don’t write blog posts, It takes too much time and effort. The only one that bothers to read all your blog posts is Google. I am doing something else. I share my notes. I filter through all the noise and just state the facts.

Subjects will be updated continuously.

The Framework I use for note keeping.

Title: This subject that I want to research or learn more about.

Purpose: The main reason or goal of the subject.

Principles: The fundamentals or laws that rule over the subject

Vision: This is how it would look when the subject has been fully researched or been implemented.

Goals: The daily, weekly monthly, yearly things that would need to be reached to complete the vision

Area of Focus: This is where the subject belongs to. Business or Personal and then into subcategories.

Projects. List of things to do to full fill the purpose of the subject.

Tools: List all the skills or hacks that can help you.

Resources: Here I list all the books, podcasts, blogs and people that helped me researching the subject.